логотип криптовалюты Waves
цена BTC0.00060931
цена USD5.72594976
Сайт https://wavesplatform.com/
Год основания 2016-12-06
Капитализация $572,595,000
Объем торгов $/24h24,361,600
Алгоритм Leased POS
Метод защиты LPoS
Кол-во монет доступно100000000
Кол-во монет всего 100000000
Изменение цены 1 час -0.1600
Изменение цены 1 день -2.3700
Изменение цены 1 неделя -11.9400

Waves is a custom blockchain tokens platform designed for large-scale business and consumer adoption. Waves was created to make the benefits of blockchain technology accessible to ordinary businesses and end users. The platform launched in 2016 and was designed from the ground up to address the shortcomings of existing blockchain services. The result is an enterprise-ready platform that emphasises security, easy token operations (creation, transfer, exchange) and a straightforward user experience, as well as dealing with critical long-term issues such as speed and scalability.