логотип криптовалюты Monetha
цена BTC0.00001157
цена USD0.10877400
Сайт https://www.monetha.io/
Год основания 2019-07-08
Капитализация $23,610,242
Объем торгов $/24h377,281
Метод защиты
Кол-во монет доступно217057768
Кол-во монет всего 402400000
Изменение цены 1 час 0.3300
Изменение цены 1 день -2.1600
Изменение цены 1 неделя -19.6400

Monetha is a decentralized payment solution built on the Ethereum network. The Monetha solution leverages smart contract technology to provide a decentralized trust and reputation system in which sellers ratings are attatched to their respective transactions. The solution also enables merchants to accept ETH and Ethereum-based tokens which can be exchanged automatically into fiat currency MTH is an Ethereum-based token that is used to pay for goods on Monetha. The value of the MTH token is based on its underlying assets, properties and/or associated rights. Monetha tokens also represent percentage share of revenue of Monetha project.