логотип криптовалюты ARK
цена BTC0.00036636
цена USD3.44284010
Сайт https://ark.io/
Год основания 0001-01-01
Капитализация $348,416,400
Объем торгов $/24h3,051,720
Алгоритм DPoS
Метод защиты DPoS
Кол-во монет доступно101200288
Кол-во монет всего 132450288
Изменение цены 1 час -1.3600
Изменение цены 1 день 2.9400
Изменение цены 1 неделя -14.0700

Ark is a cryptocurrency platform built on top an improved Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) system derived from Lisk, Crypti, and BitShares. It uses Smart Bridges to communicate with other (new and existing) blockchains to further increase its reach, providing a wider range of features in a single place. Ark plans to stimulate cryptocurrency mass adoption by offering multiple consumer tools like a card network, game tokens, anonymous transactions, multi-signature accounts, and others. Adding more features and tools along the way.